Little inspirations

I recently had a bride ask me to help her find a theme for her wedding – it turned out she had no idea where to start.  My suggestion to her was not to go through a bunch of wedding pictures on one of the many wedding info sites out there.  I suggested she look around at the things in her immediate surroundings that catch her eye – be it a color, a shape, a texture.  She sent me the above photo of an equisetum plant with a note:

“I don’t know what it is – I just love this.  The color, the crisp texture.  Can we use this???”

Now THAT is inspiration.  You don’t have to pull a million ideas from tons of different weddings/events that have already been used.  Create from your own palette – you can’t go wrong.  My client found, just from this one plant, that she wants a clean, crisp, nature-inspired wedding.  We will use white linens, bamboo accents, centerpieces with the above plant incorporated, and lots of smooth river stones.

Where do you find YOUR inspiration?