I have been a professional event planner since 2006.  I started out as a wedding planner and my career has led me to my real passion, event design.  When I was asked to help a friend with her wedding eight years ago, after she had attended my own wedding (that my mother and I painstakingly handled entirely on our own!), I was NOT interested.  After the stresses of my own wedding, I really didn’t want to jump head first into the pool of vendors, contracts, cranky guests, etc.

I couldn’t be happier that I changed my mind!  Since that time, I have well over 20 weddings and special events under my belt.  I love the design aspect the most, but I also love to work with the families and watch the guests share in such an intimate moment in my clients’ lives.

I am blessed to have worked with some really wonderful couples – and I still cry at EVERY wedding!  This blog is here to help you, give you inspiration, and let you know that you aren’t the only one about to pull your hair out!  Enjoy!


~ Melissa Sims


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